Baber excited to get Fiji 7s tenure underway

Fiji sevens coach Gareth Baber says he can’t wait to finally get his tenure underway this weekend.


January 23, 2017 7:41 pm

The Welshman took charge of the World Series and Olympic Champions at the start of the month and had spent the past three weeks training an extended squad ahead of the tournaments in Wellington and Sydney.

“The most comfortable place I am is around players and on the training field,” he said.

“It’s where I’ve done all my growing up really – from being a kid playing with being a coach. You learn some harsh lessons there, and at some point in your career, they sort of all culminate to give you a position as I’ve followed at the moment.

“My job is to try and impart some of that to the players and create the environment around them in which they can express themselves, as they’ve done so many times previously, so I’m looking forward to it…it certainly is a good challenge for me.”

Baber has selected five players that travelled to South America recently for a development tournament while keeping the core of the team that competed in Dubai and Cape Town in December.

“Picking some players who have got some good conditioning levels and I suppose they’re exposed to tournaments recently, and the boys in South America did that,” he said.

“Obviously I’ve had the footage out and watched that and apparently the feedback from coaches as well so that in itself is probably a significant impetus for the boys who have already done Dubai and South Africa and then pushed through the new year,” said Baber.

“There’s a lot of experience in there, so there’s a nice blend.”

Gareth Baber says he won’t be making any sudden dramatic changes to how the team plays and wants them to express themselves on the field.

Fiji faces series leaders South Africa, Australia and Japan in pool play on Saturday.

Source: Radio New Zealand.

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