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How well do you know the budget? Test your knowledge of Fiji’s 2017/18 National Budget.

1When does Government's fiscal year begin?
01 January 01 July 31 July 01 August
Government's fiscal year (also known as the financial year) is from August 1st to July 31. Hence, the 2017/18 Budget applies from August 01, 2017 to July 31, 2018. However, some policies have different use dates (e.g. duty increase on alcohol is effective immediately).
2What is the name of the new government ministry that will take care of flooding and drainage problems in Fiji?
Ministry of Water Ministry of Drainage Ministry of Flooding Ministry of Waterways
The new Ministry of Waterways is responsible for the maintenance of drainage systems and waterways, including creeks, tributaries and rivers. The inaugural budget is $24.2 million, which includes $10 million for the Nadi Flood Alleviation Project.
3How much is the forecasted Gross Deficit?
$499.5 million $716.8 million $4.2 billion $5.3 billion
Revenue ($3.86b) - Expenditure ($4.36b) = Net Deficit ($499m). A further $217m for debt repayments brings the estimated gross deficit in 2017/18 to $716.88m.
4What is the minimum income tax threshold?
$16,000 $23,000 $30,000 $37,000
The minimum income tax threshold has been increased from $16,000 to $30,000. A General Tax Amnesty (no penalties) for taxpayers with a gross turnover under $1.5 million applies from 30 June to 31 December 2017.
5What is the new salary for an Early Childhood Education teacher with a Bachelor's Degree?
$5 per hour $9 per hour $11 per hour $14 per hour
From the $8.8m for Early Childhood Education salaries, teachers with a Bachelor's Degree will be paid $14/hr, with a Diploma $11/hr, Advance/Higher Education Certificate $9.30/hr, Certificate $7/hr, and Basic Training $5/hr.
6Which of the following organisations has the larger share of the budget?
Fiji Police Force Fiji Corrections Service Republic of Fiji Military Forces
The Fiji Police Force has been allocated $148.8m, RFMF has a budget of $96.7m, and Fiji Corrections Service is given $38.7 million.
7How much Value Added Tax (VAT) does Government hope to collect?
$300 million $700 million $1 billion $2 billion
Indirect Taxes contribute to the majority ($2.3b) of Government's revenue. This includes VAT ($1b), Customs ($743m), STT ($115m), Departure Tax ($147m), and the new tax, ECAL ($77.5m).
8Which industry is expected to bring in close to $140 million in foreign earnings?
Casino Copra Sugar Tourism
Sugar export earnings for 2017 is expected to be $120.4 million at $708.4 per tonne value. Molasses export is expected to bring in another $19.5 million. The Ministry of Sugar is allocated $60 million.
9What's the forecast for earnings from Tourism?
$0.97 billion $1.68 billion $2.32 billion $3.19 billion
Visitor arrivals in 2017 are projected to be 831,936, with earnings expected to be $1.68b. The average length of stay per visitor is expected to be 9.6 days.
10How much is the total Government debt as at July 2017?
$2.79 billion $3.43 billion $4.68 billion $5.33 billion
The Government's total debt at the end of July 2017 is expected to be $4.688 billion. In July 2016, it was $4.507 billion, and $3.929 billion in July 2014.

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