Tourist dies from “mystery illness” at Lautoka hospital

A mystery illness has claimed the life of Australian children’s nurse Kelly Clarke, 24, who was honeymooning in Fiji.

Staff Writers

October 7, 2017 7:30 pm

According to grieving husband Chase Clarke, 28, blood tests have ruled out Typhoid, which was originally suspected as the cause of death.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the nurse began feeling ill on Wednesday but shrugged it off as a stomach bug, had a bath and hopped into bed to sleep it off.

Within hours she had to be rushed to Lautoka hospital where doctors first suspected Typhoid.

When she didn’t respond to typical Typhoid treatments after two days, doctors decided to induce a coma in the early hours of Friday.

Mr Clarke was back at the resort collecting the couple’s belongings when doctors put her under.

“She said over the phone she was scared she was going to die and I just told her I loved her, what else could I say?” Mr Clarke said.  “I told her to be strong, that I was coming straight back and to rest up because she needed her strength.”

Mrs Clarke finally succumbed to her illness at 12.40am on Saturday morning, less than an hour before a medevac team arrived to airlift her to Sydney.

Doctors have told the family they will not release Mrs Clarke’s remains until they have conducted an autopsy.

Mr Clarke believed his wife had been vaccinated against typhoid, but she had contracted immune disorder lupus earlier this year.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) declined to discuss Mrs Clarke’s case specifically.

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