FRCA releases vehicle import costs, Land Cruiser top the list

Toyota’s Land Cruiser SUV had a landing price ranging from $52,560 to a whopping $215,000.


January 9, 2017 11:04 am

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority on Friday published landing costs for vehicles imported between July to September 2016.

The figures included Stat Value (Customs value, includes freight and insurance), import duty, import excise duty, luxury vehicle tax, VAT, and a total landing cost.

Total landing costs ranged from $2,746.64 to $338,626.75, with most values at the low end. The median was $21,100.00.

Several Toyota Prius cars were imported, with the landing cost ranging from $5,198.98  to $58,582.32, with most values at the low end. The median was $12,700.00.

Total landing cost of Toyota Land Cruisers ranged from $52559.49 to $214981.02.

Minister of Economy Hon Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum had directed FRCA to publish the landing cost of vehicles imported into the country during the 2016-17 budget address

FRCA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Visvanath Das said these figures would be released on a quarterly basis.

DAS: “This is a reminder to all Motor Vehicle Dealers that for used or reconditioned hybrid motor vehicles that have been cleared under duty concession before 1st January 2017, the concessionary rate granted is to be reflected in the price of the same when sold,”

Mr Das issued a warning to dealers that a Customs Infringement Notice would be issued if they were found abusing the system.

Download: Landing-cost (327 KB),

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