3 men charged for chasing tax officers out of shopping mall

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority says three men obstructed FRCA officers from doing their duty.


July 14, 2017 6:14 pm

According to FRCA, two tax officers were on a routine inspection at a prominent shopping mall in Suva week.  However, the manager of the mall instructed two security guards to remove the FRCA officers from the premises forcefully.

Charges against the three men were filed yesterday afternoon, and they will appear before the Suva Magistrates Court later.

FRCA CEO, Mr Vswanath Deo said it was an offence under the Tax Administration Act that attracted a fine up to $25,000, imprisonment up to 24 months, or both.

“We appeal to the business houses and individuals to work with FRCA to create level playing field for all,” said Das.

FRCA will soon be renamed to Fiji Revenue and Customs Service. ¬†The change from “Authority” to “Service” is a public relations move.

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