NFP: Bainimarama should be blamed for 2000 coup

National Federation Party parliamentarian Parmod Chand accused the ruling FijiFirst party of concentrating on the first three coups in Fiji but conveniently ignoring the 2006 coup.

Staff Writers

September 13, 2017 3:02 pm

Mr Chand said it bothered him when Opposition members were labelled “hypocrites” by the Government.

“They [FijiFirst MPs] have selective memory, picking and choosing history like a buffet when history is written in indelible ink. They are quick to criticise the coups of 1987 and 2000 but choose to deliberately forget the 2006 coup.”

Responding to interjections from FijiFirst parliamentarians, Mr Chand went off his prepared speech and fired a shot a the PM.

“And may I remind this house, that in 2000, the Honourable Prime Minister was the leader of the Fiji Military Forces, he could not control his guns.  He is to be blamed for the 2000 coup, not the people.”

The NFP parliamentarian was contributing to the debate on a motion by the PM, “That this Parliament thanks His Excellency the President for his most gracious speech”.

The Attorney-General is expected to respond tomorrow.  The PM is on an official visit to Canada.

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