Fish poisoning kills 4 on Gau Island

The health ministry has confirmed that four people have died from fish poisoning on Gau Island, while other patients who appeared to be at risk were being closely monitored and treated.


January 5, 2017 11:08 pm

The men were poisoned earlier this week and were sent to the Qarani Health Centre, where they failed to respond to treatment by medical personnel.

A doctor stationed on the island accompanied another patient to the capital of Suva for serious medical assistance.

MOH: “The Ministry of Health and Medical Services staff have today (Thursday) visited Somosomo village and are conducting investigations to ascertain the total number of people who have eaten the suspected fish and are experiencing symptoms of fish poisoning,”

Suliasi Saqaleka, a resident of Somosomo village, told FBC that they caught the fish Wednesday from the village foreshore, and the whole village ate the fish for lunch.

Four villagers started feeling sick shortly after the lunch and were rushed to the health centre, where they were pronounced dead, Saqaleka said.

Another eight villagers, who also showed symptoms of fish poisoning, have been resting in the village under medical observation.

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