Ro Teimumu pays tribute to late educationist

The leader of Opposition, Hon. Ro Teimumu Kepa today expressed sadness on the passing of Mr Joginder Singh Kanwal at 90 years of age.

Staff Writers

July 18, 2017 6:33 pm

Mr Kanwal passed away yesterday after a long illness.

According to Ro Kepa, Mr Kanwal was “humble, versatile, jovial, industrious, and full of energy”.

“Mr. Kanwal possessed a rare passion for education and literature. His vast knowledge and teaching skills set him apart as an educationist who was a leader in Fiji’s education sector for many years.”

The former and popular principal of Khalsa College, Ba came to Fiji from Punjab, India and spent his entire life in service to education in Fiji making the country his home.

Mr. Kanwal has also led the Fiji Principals Association for some time as its Secretary and then President.

Mr. Kanwal was a prolific writer and poet who contributed to the development and growth of Hindi language and literature in Fiji. He has several publications to his credit.

Widely recognized for his scholarly talents, Mr. Kanwal was honoured more than once for his literary works in Fiji, India and by the Global Indian Diaspora.

As a staunch follower of the Sikh faith and for a time executive of the Sikh Association of Fiji, he played a meaningful role in the progress of the Sikh community in Fiji.

The late Mr. Kanwal has done a lot for education, culture and community development which will continue to inspire the future generations.

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