Miracle water faces disruption

Water supply to the renown “miracle water” site in Tailevu is redirected to first cater for a nearby quarry.


January 21, 2017 8:49 am

Since October last year, tens of thousands have flocked to the village in Dawasamu, Tailevu to be bathed under water claimed to cure all kinds of ailments.

The Fiji Times today reported Natadradave Village headman, Tomasi Naisoso, confirming that frequent usage of the supply at the village had disrupted the water source at a nearby quarry.

Workers from the quarry had built the pipes sourcing the water into the village. Hence water was now directed first to the quarry and the remainder to the village.

According to the Naisoso, the remaining water is redirected to the community but was not sufficient to meet demand.

Visitors to the site have claimed bathing under the water has cured skin and eye infections.

An alternative site in located about 200 metres past Natadradave Village but is only accessible using vehicles as landowners do not permit people to walk to the site.

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