Temporary road humps in Laucala Beach

The Fiji Roads Authority Acting Chief Executive Officer Robert Sen says they have installed temporary road humps in front of Vivras Plaza, Laucala Beach Estate, “after the high accident rates recorded in the area.”


September 15, 2017 1:01 pm

Sen said the humps would be in place until LTA installs speed cameras in the area.

“We have installed advisory signs and new road humps which will reduce traffic speeds on the road, however, this is not the instant cure for all traffic issues.”

He said the installation of infrastructure such as speed bumps was a last resort when all other safety measures fail and compromise the security of the general public.

“Alternatively, we need to educate the public, especially motorists about poor driver behaviour, we need to create more awareness about road safety.”

Mr Sen stated that they were working closely with the enforcement agencies; the Fiji Police Force and the Land Transport Authority to address the number of speeding concerns.

“We will have these temporary road humps placed until the LTA installs speed cameras in the area.”

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