LTA denies forcing CEO to resign

The Land Transport Authority board was unhappy with its CEO’s performance but did not force him to resign.

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November 14, 2017 9:26 pm

In Happier Times: LTA's former CEO Carmine Piantedosi (left) with board chairman Vijay Maharaj in April 2017.

LTA board chairman, Mr Vijay Maharaj released a statement on November 3 announcing the resignation of LTA CEO, Mr Carmine Piantedosi.

Mr Maharaj said Mr Pianetdosi resigned “with immediate effect due to personal and family reasons,” and would leave for Australia soon.

However, in an interview with Fiji Times a week later, Mr Piantedosi denied resigning for personal reasons,

“On the day I was informed, that was the Friday [November 3], I was asked to resign…I was given a choice to either resign or be dealt with — whatever that meant.”

Mr Piantedosi revealed his performance was questioned by the board, but he did not understand the allegations levelled against him.

“Some of the allegations were around my performance, the issue that I did not follow the board’s directive, there were complaints made against me which I am not aware of.”

The former LTA boss said he resigned because “this was a serious issue for me” and “I have a high level of integrity and ethics as a professional,”

Mr Piantedosi left for Australia last Friday.

In response, LTA board chairman Vijay Maharaj told Fiji Times that Mr Piantedosi had voluntarily resigned appeared before the board.

“He [Mr Piantedosi] is an educated person, he actually signed a letter to say it’s voluntary resignation and he gave it to us, and he appeared before the full board.”

In an interview with FBC, Mr Maharaj denied that Piantedosi was coerced into resigning.

“The board had collectively raised certain issues with him, and there were certain areas of his performance that wasn’t up to the expectations of the board.”

Mr Maharaj revealed that 22 audit reports with discrepancies were forwarded to Mr Piantedosi for action.

“We have around 22 audit reports, and there were some areas that we needed him [Piantedosi] to take action on to bring up that standard, but out of that 22 audit reports, none of them were actioned.”

Mr Piantedosi took office on April 27 and was on a six-month contract which expired two weeks before his resignation.

Before joining the LTA, Mr Piantedosi was the Manager of Regulation and Pricing at Goulburn-Murray Water – a significant provider of irrigation water to farmers in Victoria, Australia.

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