Service stations to start charging 10c per plastic bag

Seventy-five fuel service stations around the country will introduce the Government’s ten cents levy on single use plastic bags from 1 August 2017.


July 27, 2017 2:43 pm

The Fiji Fuel Retailers Association Secretary John Philp said that service stations would take up a challenge and ask customers to bring a bag or hand carry purchases to the car.

Dubbed the “One Million Plastic Bag Challenge”, the fuel retailers are targeting over 170,000 licensed drivers and customers who utilise the convenience stores located at fuel service stations.

“Service station attendants will be our champions by challenging customers to join our commitment to reduce the number of plastic bags used in our the country annually.”

Fuel retailers are also exploring options to introduce recycling points to lessen the amount of single use plastic products which end up in our rivers and ocean.

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