High food prices and low wages are vital issues in Fiji

The high cost of living and natural disasters caused by climate change are the most important issues facing Fiji, according to a recent survey.

Calvin Prasad

January 30, 2017 9:14 am

The survey found crime and unemployment were also considered significant issues and that stagnant wages compounded the effects of high food prices.

Cost of Living (27%), Weather & Climate (23%), Crime (16%), Unemployment (8%), Transportation (7%), Government & Politics (6%), Health & Medical Services (4%), Not Sure (3%), Housing (3%), Others (2%).

The threat of natural disasters brought about by climate change was also high on people’s minds together with recent high temperatures.

Rape, Child Abuse and Robbery made Crime the third most important issue, followed by Unemployment.

Climate change was the single most important topic.

Interviews with a sample of 1,332 people were conducted on January 24 and 25 using Newswire Messenger, a newsbot on Facebook’s Messenger Platform.

The results were automatically tabulated and Newswire editorial team provided further analysis.

Women thought Weather and Climate were a more important issue compared to men who believed Cost of Living was more significant.
Cost of Living was the most important issue amongst all age groups
Weather and Climate were the most important issue in the Central and Eastern Divisions, while the Western and Northern parts thought Cost of Living was the most critical.

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