Election 2018

616,590 registered voters in Fiji

More than half of all registered voters in Fiji are below the age of 40, according to statistics were revealed by the Fiji Elections Office yesterday. 

Staff Writers

July 27, 2017 11:27 am

Out of the 616,590 registered voters as of 25 July, 303,137 (49%) were female while 313,453 (51%) were men.

According to the Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem,  the FEO has removed 9,156 persons from their register and added 12, 436 since 2014.

The  Central division has the highest number of voters at 258, 849. The Western division is second with 230, 058, the Northern division has 94, 577 and the Eastern division has 26, 836 voters.

The highest number of voters were aged between 21-30 (152,879), followed by 31-40 (143,244) and 41-50 (109,478)

Mr Saneem also refuted claims posted on Facebook by a person claiming there were more than 800,000 voters registered in Fiji.

SANEEM: “Our attention has been brought to a social media issue where a person who claims to be ‘chief volunteer in a Political Party’ has compiled and published a concocted table of registered voters in Fiji.”

The Supervisor said that the FEO would “deal with this mischief and its maker through appropriate processes”.

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