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Health ministry refutes NFP’s health care claims

The Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services, Mr Philip Davies says the public should call the department’s feedback line to register complaints against their services.

Staff Writers

July 26, 2017 7:51 pm

Mr Davis was responding to a statement by National Federation Party leader Dr Biman Prasad, saying Dr Prasad raised his concerns directly with the media and did not provide any concrete evidence to support his case.

Last week, the NFP leader Dr Biman Prasad announced that his party would build a hospice to “ensure the best of care and comfort for our cancer patients” if elected to government next year.

PRASAD: “Currently our cancer patients, even in the last days of their lives are left to die in hospitals or family members are being forced to take them home and provide care at their own expense.”

Dr Prasad said an NFP official saw women acutely suffering from various forms of cancer “yelling and crying for assistance” two weeks ago at CWM hospital.

PRASAD: “There was no morphine – the common painkiller drug – to provide them relief. This suffering has to end, and it will work under an NFP Government.”

In response, Mr Davis said his staff were qualified and work closely with support groups and NGOs to provide the best possible care and support to cancer patients.

DAVIS: “Dr Prasad’s unsubstantiated claims risk causing unnecessary distress to patients and their loved ones at a time when they most need reassurance and sympathy.”

The permanent secretary questioned why Dr Prasad did not raise his concerns with medical or nursing personnel on site.

DAVIS: “To date, he has not made a formal complaint or expression of concern…and little if any consideration of the upset his actions may cause to the patients concerned.”

Mr Davis said that Dr Prasad’s statement did not provide enough information to investigate claims of inadequate treatment.

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