Qiliho: “There will be an increase in aggravated robberies in November”

Police have released a list of areas around Fiji they consider as a “red spot” because of increased aggravated robberies reported between September and October.


November 1, 2017 3:58 pm

In a statement, the Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho said police was forecasting an increase in aggravated robberies and burglaries in November, based on part crime trends.

“Analysis conducted for the years 2014 to 2016 has shown a consistent increase in aggravated robberies recorded during November, hence the need for members of the public to adopt safety measures to avoid becoming victims of these crimes,” said Qiliho.

“The analysis for the months of September and October 2017 also showed an interesting trend whereby the majority of the aggravated robberies were committed by opportunists, contrary to popular belief of the involvement of organised groups operating throughout the four divisions.”

The Commissioner said opportunistic crimes were committed without prior planning.

The following areas are marked as a “red spot” because of increased aggravated robberies reported during the months of September and October:


Suva Bus Stand, FDB Foreshore, Waimanu, Road, Victoria Parade Suva, High St Toorak, Central St Suva, Carnarvon St, Sukuna Park, Selbourne Street, Nabukalou Bridge Suva, Cumming Street, Damodar City, Sports City , Along Ratu Mara Road Samabula, Yadrana Sett Qauia, Sukanaivalu Rd Nabua, Fletcher Rd Vatuwaqa, Sukanaivalu Rd Nabua, Wailoku Rd, Laucala Bay Rd, Shalimar St Raiwasa, Laucala Bay Rd, , Cunnigham Road, Khalsa Road, Forest Park Colo-i- Suva, Tacirua Rd, Wainivula Rd Caubati, Nasole Rd, Savilla House Valelevu, Laqere Kings Rd, Nepani, Velau Drive Kinoya, Yasiyasi Road Nadera, Kings Road Delainamasi, Muanikoso Settlement, Matanikorovatu Rd, Jale St Kalabu, Sakoca Rd, Naitonitoni Rd Navua, Lami.


Kennedy Avenue Martintar, Fong Yang Comp Neel Field State, Constitution Road Namaka, Westfield Rd Votualevu, Waqadra, Kulukulu, CAAF compound Namaka, Denarau Island, Namaka,/ Martintar, Waimalika, Sabeto, Saweni, Bila Sett, Volivoli Rakiraki.


Salim St, Vuci Rd, Blake Feeder Rd Nausori, Mokani, Bau Rd, Navuso Rd


Delaivuna, Taveuni.

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