Dutt recaptured trying to rob a warehouse in Nadi

Officers foiled a robbery and arrested four men at a warehouse along the Nadi Back Road this morning.


May 24, 2017 10:03 am

The team included police officers from the West and the Fiji Corrections Services.  They arrived at the scene as the four were breaking into the warehouse.

According to police ACP Rusiate Tudravu, police had been gathering information for some time.

One of the men arrested at the scene was 33‑year‑old Deshwar Kishore Dutt, also known as “Amit”, who escaped from custody in late April while awaiting judgement from the Suva High Court.

Dutt was later convicted of two counts of aggravated robbery and sentenced in absentia to 15 years imprisonment.

All four suspects are being questioned at the Lautoka Police Station for their involvement in other robberies as well.

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