QVS students and teacher charged with assault

Five students and a teacher of Queen Victoria School appeared in the Korovou Magistrates Court yesterday charged with the assault of a student at the school’s boarding dormitory.

Staff Writers

February 15, 2017 8:41 am

They were released on bail and will reappear in the court of February 28th.

A relative of the victim reportedly said that the principal and vice principal of QVS had attempted to apologise for the beating traditionally.

“He (victim) told us four senior students came into the ro­om and asked him why he did not attend the class and after a while they told him to sit in front of them and they started punching his head one by one, until a teacher entered the dormitory,”

The student thought the teacher would stop the beating.

“He asked the boys why they were doing it and when they told him, he then told my grandson to sit in front of him and the teacher then did the same thing the boys were doing.  He also punched my grandson in the head.”

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