Ratu Rum apologises for ‘disrespectful’ advertising

Paradise Beverage has apologised for a marketing campaign promoting bottled rum after a local man claimed the advertising disrespected local chiefs and culture.

Staff Writers

November 8, 2017 2:53 pm

Shiri Ram started an online petition claiming that Ratu Rum took its name from the chiefly title Ratu, which should not be used to sell alcohol.

Responding to queries from Newswire, Paradise Beverages Head of Sales and Corporate Affairs, Joe Rodan said they were aware of the petition and regretted “any offence that has been caused” by the campaign.

“We’re a local company and it’s always been our intention to celebrate and honour our culture, however, we accept our recent campaign has caused offence,” said Rodan.

“We apologise again for this, we stopped using it immediately and will try in future to ensure greater sensitivity to the concerns of our wider community.”

Mr Ram told Newswire he was “pleased that common sense and respect prevailed.”

Ratu Rum is produced by Rum Co of Fiji, owned by Paradise Beverages, a company listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange.

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